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Business Consulting


We focus on research research to remain at the forefront of the IT industry. Our continuous efforts to identify trends, technologies, and market demands, enables us to adapt and innovate our processes effectively and rapidly.


We prioritize building strong relationships and strategic partnerships. These alliances in the manufacturing and transportation sectors enable them to leverage expertise, enhance synergies, and create mutually beneficial opportunities for progress and success.


Our IT division delivers innovative, energy-efficient solutions for intelligent traffic control. By integrating leading products and leveraging expertise in multiple fields, we develop dynamic solutions that optimize efficiency and enhance overall experience.

Our history

We take pride in our diverse portfolio of investments – and how they've helped to shape society of the UAE. Empowering our communities and businesses with financial vision and innovative endeavors, Ramerset International has driven progress in startup investment and IT sectors and markets - such as real estate, manufacturing, fintech investments, logistics, transport among others.

Since its inception, Ramerset has steadily increased its presence across sectors and geographies through strategic diversification by way of investments in a broad range of startup companies, real estate and investment portfolio through market cycles and transport & logistics sector funds.

The company’s strategy also focused on enhancing its synergistic investment portfolio across industry value chains and replicable business models; following a prudent approach to balance sheet and portfolio risk management, maintaining a healthy cash position and gradually increasing its leverage.